Welcome to my portfolio site. Here are some examples of my work. Projects I found especially interesting are set here and in another tab there are remaining ones.

Smart Puppies

Smart Puppies is a merge game I founded with a partner. I find it one of the most interesting projects I have developed since I started and led the game from scratch to a fully functional application available on the stores.

This app had a lot of challenges, from talking to investors and publishers to the full development. The app started off by developing the core loop. The merging and the tamagotchi mechanics. Handing in merge items in order to care for the puppy. In order to do this well, we hired a professional art director since we wanted to do things well from the beginning. Then it was up to me to develop the initial prototype. I made sure that everything in the app could be edit via a back-end integration without the need of app updates.

The prototype showed good results, but it was far from polished. The app did not have any late-game content and that was the next step. We came up with a meta and we worked with artists from all around the world. I implemented the meta, combined with analytics, monetization and an integrations for User Acquisition where the app currently has decent retention statistics.

Perfect Earth Animals

I worked for Perfect Earth as a lead developer in which I built 2 fully polished applications. Both of these apps can be fully edited via a CMS without the need of app updates.

Perfect Earth Animals is a GPS based game similar to Pokemon Go. Players obtain animal cards by walking and by going to specific locations on the map. Kids can collect, upgrade and trade the animal cards. The goal of this app was to get kids more moving. To be in contact with nature and for them to learn about animals. In order to realize this app, we had to work together with forest rangers and zoos. I had to develop smart systems working with multiple parties for movement calculation and a maps integration and so the all the points could be changed live. Measures so the app wouldn’t break with locations in the water. This app had quite a lot of unique challenges and I enjoyed working on it!

Example of the game in action: https://youtu.be/kjMt3W2hkxE


This is I think still one of the most intense and rewarding projects I worked on. For the Cinekid festival in Amsterdam I created a VR multiplayer application. An environment where kids could play around in together, where they could play around with giant mickey mouse like hands. Objects kept falling from the sky which the kids could grab and throw. They could bounce on balls and smash everything in the world. Quite chaotic and fun. Flying whales, giant smileys, spinning ice-cream, social media symbols on a tropical island and much more.

The process started quite abrupt. There was another developer who had supposed to work on the application for half a year. He asked me for help and when I looked at the project. We scheduled a meeting and while waiting for the meeting I managed to create a small multiplayer/networking test in which movement could be measured.

In the meeting I realized that nothing was really done and the only thing finished was exactly what I created waiting for the meeting. I learned that the application had to be finished within 10 days. That there was also no gear which I could use to test on, no VR headsets nor computers. The only computer I had at that point was a Macbook pro which are really not meant for VR development. This project seemed impossible.

The situation did not look good and I was not really sure if I could manage this. I spoke about this with the person responsible for the project, to see what I could do and after that meeting the other developer became not involved with the project anymore.

To summarize it a bit short, I worked a lot of extra hours. Full on dedication to the project. Quite a lot of things went wrong. I had to hustle quite a bit, to see where I could find computers and headsets I could use for testing. I contacted my old university and friends who owned VR headsets. I somehow managed to get a prototype working. Then on the final day things broke. Was to be expected working without the proper technology. I couldn’t fix things on location, they still had quite a lot of internet issues and setting things up. I had to constantly bike for 20 min to test out builds and come back with USB sticks. This project was pure chaos.

Somehow I managed to get a working game a couple hours before the festival started. Surprisingly the app was so well liked by the audience, that it won a public price. We were really happy with our team of 3. It was quite a rewarding experience to see people having so much fun with the game.

Perfect Earth Adventures

Perfect Earth Adventures is a puzzle and educational game. The game itself is quite simple, you just got to manage to keep the animals required in the fields below. Players go through the game learning about different environmental topics, such as the Serengeti, Amazon Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef and the Arctic. They learn about the wildlife in those areas and environmental problems such as deforestation. A playful way to learn about important topics.

The app was well liked by the audience and with this it also managed to get featured by apple in over 110 countries!

The app was developed in a way where levels could be procedurally generated and the balancing can be set up through a CMS. Full areas could be added without the need of app updates, all images can also be edited via a back-end CMS.